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    Simply fill in the form with your contact information and a few details about your Cartier watch (condition, make, model, year) and the price you're hoping to sell it for. One of our representatives will respond the same day with a quote.

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    Once you accept our offer, we will provide you with a pre-paid, fully insured shipping label. We will also provide instructions on how to securely pack your Cartier watch for shipment. As soon as it's here, we'll conduct a thorough inspection.

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    Once the condition and details of your Cartier watch have been verified, we will process the payment within 24 - 48 hours. For your convenience, there are several payment options to choose from - it really is that easy!

    Why Us?

    Toronto Watch Exchange was created by watch enthusiasts. We're well-versed in the Cartier market, maintaining strong ties within the collector's circle. Our expertise allows us to ensure that your timepiece is appraised accurately, providing you with a fair market-based price. If you’re looking to unlock the value of your Cartier, try Toronto Watch Exchange today.

    The value of a pre-owned Cartier depends on several aspects, such as the model, the watch's condition, and the presence of original accessories, like the box and papers.

    To find out what we'd offer, we encourage you to fill out a form with all the pertinent information, and we'll respond with a quote the same day.

    We are open to considering all models of Cartier watches.

    Some of the ones we're particularly interested in include:

    • Cartier Tank
    • Cartier Ballon Bleu
    • Cartier Santos
    • Cartier Pasha
    • Cartier Calibre
    • Cartier Drive
    • Cartier Panthère
    • Cartier Ronde
    • Cartier Clé
    • Cartier Baignoire
    • Cartier Tortue
    • Cartier Roadster
    • Cartier Rotonde
    • Cartier Ligne 21
    • Cartier Maillon
    • Cartier Hypnose
    • Cartier Trinity

    If your model isn't listed, don't worry. Choose 'Other' in your submission form and continue with the process.

    Yes. TWX will provide you with a prepaid and insured shipping label from a trusted carrier to ensure your watch is safely transported to us. You will be able to track your package online.

    We will also provide you with instructions for packaging your Cartier watch appropriately for shipping.

    We have partner locations in major cities throughout Canada. After a TWX representative contacts you, they will let you know you if in-person drop-off is possible.

    If so, they will coordinate with our affiliate store to schedule a drop-off time. Once your Cartier watch is received, we will organize its transport to us for the final assessment. You will be notified via email at each stage of the process.

    There are a few ways you can verify a Cartier watch's authenticity, but remember that for a definitive validation, you should consult with a reputable watch expert or an authorized Cartier dealer:

    Check Serial Numbers: Genuine Cartier watches are engraved with a serial number that represents the unique identity of the watch. These are typically found on the case back or side. You can verify these numbers with Cartier’s customer service to ensure the watch's authenticity.

    Inspect the Dial: Cartier's watch dials are known for their precision and elegance. Fonts should be consistent, and the printing of text and numerals should be flawless. Look for any signs of poor quality or misprinting, as these could indicate a counterfeit.

    Examine the Caseback: Most Cartier watches do not have a clear caseback. If the watch in question has one, it could be a sign of a replica, except for the few models that Cartier has designed with a sapphire crystal caseback to display the movement.

    Assess Quality and Weight: Cartier uses premium materials such as gold, stainless steel, and sometimes precious stones. A genuine Cartier watch will feel solid and have a quality finish. If the watch feels unusually light for its size, it might be a fake.

    Evaluate the Movement: Cartier is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, including its watch movements. If the second hand stutters or the watch doesn't keep time well, it could be counterfeit. However, without opening the watch, which should only be done by a professional, it can be hard to fully assess the movement.

    Scrutinize the Sapphire Cabochon: Many Cartier watch crowns are adorned with a sapphire cabochon. The stone should be perfectly cut and securely fitted; anything less could indicate a forgery.

    Price and Seller Review: An authentic Cartier watch carries a premium price tag. If the deal seems too good to be true, it often is. Always buy from a reputable source and avoid sellers with questionable credibility. Official Cartier stores and certified resellers are the most reliable sources.

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