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Make a Bold Statement Without Saying a Word

Toronto Watch Exchange is your premiere source for luxury watches, and your first choice if you’re looking to unlock the value of one of your own pieces.

We have unparalleled access to a North America-wide network of buyers and sellers of luxury watches.

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A luxury watch is a statement. It tells a story of success, sophistication, and enduring value, in a whisper, not a shout. Let Toronto Watch Exchange help you find your next statement.

At TWX, we understand watches; their mechanical intricacies, the small aesthetic touches that elevate them into the realm of art, and the stories behind every make and model that influence their perception and value.

Why Us?



For over 15 years, we are known for our expertise and proven track record for both buying and selling luxury watches.

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Our trusted community connections give us the unrivalled ability to get you exactly what you want at the best possible price.



A watch can hold immense value. As such, we strive to ensure that safety is a priority for each and every transaction.



Sellers and buyers across the country trust us to source rare or hard-to-find products, and you can, too!

Our Story

We didn’t start our journey as sellers but as passionate watch collectors, just like you. Before creating Toronto Watch Exchange, we were professionals in fields ranging from finance to public service. Our experience on both sides of the buyer-seller relationship gives us the insight and perspective that has made us familiar figures within the luxury watch collecting community.

We know watches, but just as importantly, we know the people who buy and sell them. We have over 15 years of expert experience in the world of high-end watches. We run a Facebook group for watch collectors with over 20,000 members that continues to grow every year. Through our connections, online and offline, and through our established watch exchange business, we’ve been able to connect with innumerable watch enthusiasts and provide service to thousands of satisfied customers.

Our foundation as collectors has always informed our approach, allowing us to understand and anticipate the needs and desires of those we serve. We remain committed to the principles of trust, transparency, and a deep respect for high-end timepieces, and the dedicated community that has formed around them.

Our Mission

Toronto Watch Exchange is grounded in the principles of trust, honesty, and clear pricing. Starting as enthusiasts, we’ve seen every angle of the watch community, which informs our approach to both buying and selling. We focus on what truly matters to you as a customer, aiming to set the standard in how watch transactions should feel: straightforward, fair, and rewarding.

Our mission is to build a reputation not just as dealers, but as genuine partners in the watch community, operating in a way that ensures that every interaction is based on mutual respect and understanding.